Infosystem – Superadmin

We are building the future of intelligent businesses! Arkevo Group presents for the first time a unique system that helps businesses grow their revenue. You may say what’s unique about this system? Before explaining its uniqueness let us explain what’s INFOSYSTEM ? INFOSYSTEM is a platform that allows businesses build, maintain and scale their relationship […]


We are developing and introducing to you a new future of intelligent businesses! Get ready to present all main services of Inforsystem in a few seconds. When your team needs to keep track of customer quotes, assign project tasks, manage e-mail conversations, run marketing campaigns, track payments and receivables, control your inventory, analyze sales data, […]

Database Software

Infosystem, Database Day by day, Arkevo Group is developing the future of intelligent businesses and now we are ready to present one of Infosystem services which is DATABASE. Your database comes with these powerful features : • Search & Query The confidence of instantly finding the data you are looking for. • Controlled Access You […]

Customer Relationship Management Platform

We present you a new unique system, a Customer Relationship Management Platform. Our system offers to everyone: • The best way to manage your sales and customer service • It ensures that your business grows successfully and has the right security for recruiting, marketing, or any other aspect of your business • A better way […]